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Originally Posted by gfx View Post
Really love the frugal and simplistic changes you've made so far. Is that the stock front wheel fender? It looks really sporty compared to the full-length ones on the older /6's and /7's. It looks like someone chopped up the stock one.

What kind of mufflers are those?
You are correct. Both the front and rear fenders are the stock components. They just had run ins with the dremel. In fact, the two sections I lopped off the front fender are big enough that I'm thinking of using one to make a hugger style fender for the rear.

The mufflers are units from cone engineering. They come needing a little extra assembly. Ideally I think I would have just welded them in place, but I don't have access to a quality welder at the moment. Instead I took a thin blade on the angle grinder and cut in 3 evenly spaced slits on the end that goes over the exhaust. A heavy duty clamp from dime city cycles holds them down in place. Initially I was a little worried that I don't have any additional supports bolted to the frame, but it's been 4-5 months now and they haven't budged at all.

They really scream when you get up above 5k rpm. But aren't too obnoxious at cruising speeds. Hopefully at some point soon I can swap bikes with a friend and get to hear what it actually sounds like from a third person perspective.
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