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Līviv Photos

I arrived in L'viv and met up with Vova who had kindly offered me a bed for a couple of nights and to spend a day showing me round his city.

Volva, our bikes at his garage, some 15 mins walk from his appartment.

His son, a budding mechanic.

Their apartment

The Kumpel restaurant and micro brewery in the center of the city. We ate here in the evening. The īlagerībeer was so fresh that it wasnīt available for the first 30 minutes.

Spectacular church (inside), the second biggest in the city

Part of the old city wall.

With a restaurant at its base now....

A better shot of the wall...very similar to Tallin (Estonia)

We had lunch at this Israeli restaurant. Very nic it was to. Supposedly a traditional dish but the same as many others. Meat, onion and potatoe in a crock pot. The gap to the right of the place used to be a synagog but was destroyed during the war.

Vova assured me that every building in the old part of L'viv has a central court yard of some sort. He took me to a few, this is just one.

This is the statue of some famous writer. The statue is also famous because at the time it was commissioned, money was short so the soviets took a part completed statue of a soldier and converted it. As a result, this statue has soldiers boots on.

The inside of another church. I think this is teh one where Vova got married.

btw, Iīm not religious, but find the amount of work that goes into these places, fascinating.

A picture of me in front of the cities Opera house.

This is the town hall. Its possible to climb to the top of the clock tower to view the city. We did....all 408 steps !

Pictures from the top.....just to prove I went up there See if you can spot another quirk of L'viv, a rooftop restaurant complete with car !

There it is...

Another courtyard of a building, this one contains a specialist coffee shop.

To get to it you have to go thru what appears to be a locked door and down an unlit, low passage.

And through this door off the street

Old tram converted to an eating place. Trams of this type used to run on the cities tram lines.

Another famous statue in the center, refereed to by the locals as the Horse.

Almost done.....a photo of me reading to Vovaīs son...and confusing the hell out of him....but he didn't seem to mind!.

This is the apartment block where they live. It reminded me of the block in Novosibirsk where Viktor lives.

My stay in L'viv was brief but very interesting thanks to the kindness of Vova and his wife who made me feel very welcome. Next time I am in the country, we have a date to ride the Caspian mountains together.

Next, on to Auschwitz.

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