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Originally Posted by Vorderrad View Post
We can do Balch Park for the first night, supposed to be stocked fishin and your right in a Redwood Grove. And do Hume Lake for Lunch and Shaver Lake for Dinner the second day and I am sure there will be more lakes on the way.
The husky and tiger are setup for camping off the bike. The husky is obviously better for tougher than groomed dirt roads.

Hume lake is ho-hum. Have fished it a couple of times and it was dead. You have to tube that one. I actually like streams a little better. You can walk them. If a pool isn't producing you can hike up or down.

I was going to do a fall eastern sierra trip but could easily be talked into a western trip. I'll bet Bigtodd and Jnyrav would come along as well.

We should start a new thread instead of jacking our RR.
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