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Ok, well judging from some of the above post I can see some of you think this is a stupid comparison. However I feel that this is an acceptable one. The WR was a 2008 model built in Japan (I think) and designed to fill a gap in a market which it did and they knew the price point they had to meet. Along comes Honda with there version. Made in Thailand. This gave them cheaper manufacturing expense pull the use of the CBR250 engine already in use and developed vs Yamaha's single bike power plant. Again lowering the cost. They defiantly used cheaper suspension and frame material. Hitting this $4500 price point.

With that said. I now have both bikes in my possession. 0 miles on the Honda and 110 on the WR Here is what I have to say thus far.

The Honda:
Has a much higher level of fit and finish. The plastics fit better. The quality of said plastics seam to be higher. The controls are much more modern looking and have better feeling as well as the instrumentation. I like the head light better as well as the grips and feel of the seat. On the road I think the Honda will be a better bike, but will save that report until I have 600 miles on both. I can say the the Honda feels lighter than the WR when lifting it off the side stand.

The Yamaha:
We know most of the things about this bike already, but basically all of the off-road bits are nicer. I think the WR will win in the off-road department for sure. I love the aluminum frame and the suspension. It has better tires for DS and overall the WR just looks way cooler IMHO.

I will report back after a little riding on the Honda tomorrow.
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