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Do you have a recommend day-trip loop from OC to Los Padres National Park and back. I saw one of your GPS readings and it seems like a great ride. Especially at this time of year, I'm going to try and stay away from the desert.

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July 20-22 Central Coast ADV Ride, lead by Joel

Alright, here is my report on this fabulous ride led by Joel.

Heading out with Joel, Bob, Duy, Blake on Cerro Noroeste Road. The five of us initially met at McDonald's in Castaic, and then headed north from there on our way to Carrizo.

Riding into the sunset on Cerro Noroeste Road after a delay.

And by night

Big thanks to Jim/spafixer for driving out to BBQ for us and bringing a fully stocked bar! This man is a real mensch.

KCL camp in the morning, at sunrise. Perfect sleeping temps.

Jim's dog exploring around.

Blake, John, and Chris ready to roll.

Joel and crew, sun is up but not too warm just yet. Heading north through Carrizo Plain.

Some dirt roads lead us towards Pozo. Ersin chillaxing with the others.

Pozo Saloon, but early in the day.

John and others in Pozo.


Santa Rosa Creek Road, heading west towards Cambria.

We grabbed lunch in Cambria at the first Mexican flag establishment that Joel laid his eyes on. It was quite tasty Mexican food, exactly the fuel we needed to get through the rest of the day. A lot of cool classic cars were rolling through town as well for some festival or show.

Elephant Seals are always fun. San Simeon.

Heading north up the coast on CA-1.

Blake and Ersin on CA-1.

Joel, Ersin, Blake, and crew at the start of Los Burros Road...this road is quite a gem!

On the way up Los Burros. I took my windscreen off and am really digging it...the clean air flow (no more turbulent wind buffeting on my helmet), plus it has more of a roadster/Mad Maxx look to it now.

The view down Los Burros towards the coast. 60F and chilly down there, and over 90F up here. Quite the difference in temperature!

We stop on the way up to shed some layers and talked with an older gentleman who lives up there. Quite an isolated place, as there is no easy and quick drive into town for supplies.

Diego, Ersin, Blake, and John, ready for more.

John heads up the ridge.

Bill trying to keep cool on his big Wee Strom.

Riding along the ridge road.

Duy and Joel, on Nacimiento-Fergusson Road heading into Fort Hunter Liggett.

On board on Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, Fort Hunter Liggett.

It was close to 100 F in Fort Hunter Liggett, quite hot, so a few of guys took off to fulfill a life aspiration of camping in King City. The rest of us set up camp, and once we were in the shade it was actually not too bad since it was so dry.

Duy, Ersin, and I did a supplies run into King City to pick up beer, ice, and some snacks while the rest cooked up their camp food. We, on the other hand, dined like kings at the Taco Bell! Much better the a boiling bag of camp food!

Getting ready to break camp the next morning.

Joel in the middle of packing his lumpia pad.

John, heading back west on Nacimiento Fergusson Road towards the coast. Nice and cool still.

Duy and Joel getting ready to drop back into the fog.

Bill helping John out.

On board.

Panoramic shot.

Loving this bike!

One picture of yours truly.

And finally, the GPS tracks of our ride, or at least what I rode. I had to bail near the end so I missed some of the dirt near Lake Cachuma and Santa Barbara. All in all, a great ride with some great tracks, and great people of course. I'm not always a huge fan of big group rides, but these rides with these guys are always a blast and I truly enjoy them. Thanks everyone!

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