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Originally Posted by Scott_PDX View Post

South of Evanston we pick up our first alternate sections. The first one lead to a deceptively deep water crossing. I think the rains made a bit more water than normal. Jessie barreled into it going about 30 and about kissed his front fender, but a big hop later and he bounced out of the deep water. Of course, John goes bezerker on the crossing and guns it for a different section, the water goes up to his tank and stalls him out, but he keeps it upright. A few tense minutes of cranking and hes out of the crossing also. I wuss out and tip toe across it like a little girl. We then strip down and use the crossing for a makeshift Jacuzzi tub. There was pretty good flow in it so it stayed clear and cold which felt great after the heat that had built in Wyoming.

Hey Scott,
is this the water crossing?

Man, it was really moving back on july 8th. And, deep.
I threw a big rock into the dark section and it made a pretty loud (and long) "PLUUUNK!"

We decided it was moving too fast for us, so we went around and crossed on the road.

Bet it made a great bath, though!
Thanks for the report - it's fun to read about the trail North to South.
(nice lightning shot, too!)

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

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