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The scenery continued to be awesome.

One bridge was being replaced...

Wonder what took it out?

We roll into Stewart and up to the only gas pumps in town (I think). Oh no! The station closes at 7pm. It was 7:20!
No pay-at-the-pump! This might be a problem. What to do? Stay here or Hyder overnight?
If we leave tonight, will there be gas back at the Cassiar before to much further.

We crossed into Hyder, Alaska uncermoniously. It was raining pretty steady. We are cold and wet.
Wanting to put a few more miles behind us tonight, we really only wanted to stop for a break and
snacks, but the General Store was also closed. We weren't hungry enough to sit outside to eat fish.
We roll through "town" and 5 minutes later are...

...begging to be let back into Canada. Were we "Hyderized"? I still don't know what that means.

I do know this guy takes his job very seriously. I mean we had only been out of Canada for 5 minutes and
hadn't even gotten off the bike. He asked lots more questions than at our first border crossing and
even wanted to see the bear spray. Helen said later, she thought he was going to do a full search.
I'm not complaining, as we got right back in with no extended delay. At least we were stopped under the roof out of the rain.

We race all the way back down the Glacier Highway. This time with more rain and less light. (But, just as many bears).

Back at Meziadin Junction on the Cassiar Highway I looked for and found the gas station. Most highway junctions are opportune
spots for fuel station, right? Problem is, this one doesn't appear to be in use. The weeds are taking over around the rusty pumps.

Oh no. Should I risk turning north? I really have no idea where gas will next be available. If there is a gas station before
I run out, will they be open late at night? I might be the first fool with Safari Tanks to run them dry in the middle of nowhere.
I remember Helen asking me after we left the Yellowhead Highway, "Shouldn't we have stopped for gas"?
My reply, "Nah, we've got enough to make it to Stewart"...

(Sorry for the lack of pics here. I guess I don't take any when I'm scared.)

After a little while we reach the location of Bell 1. There appears to be nothing to Bell 1 but a parking lot/rest area and
a large billboard. The billboard had a sign on top identifying the location as Bell 1. The rest of the billboard had a
large map listing all of the fuel stops along the Cassiar. Just what I needed! Hopeful news of gas!
The next fuel stop north is listed as Bell 2. I think it said the distance was 35 km or so. Okay. I think we can make it that far.
Problem is. The same sign also says there is gas at Maziadin Junction. This info is out of date!
Also, If Bell 1 is so small, how big can Bell 2 be?

So off we go, knowing if we run out of gas we'll be sleeping along the highway with the bears.
If we make it to a gas station we'll likely be camping in the parking lot until they open in the morning...

Whatever happens, we can now say we rode all the way to Alaska!

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