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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Man, I should visit Pella too. I have a friend from the Netherlands, I bet he'd get a huge kick out of it! He visited me in Arizona for a few months last year.

I was planning on visiting him, so I learned very basicl dutch, but I'm quickly losing it because I don't use it at all ever.

Sounds like you're having a great time! I'll be on the road again soon enough myself, just need to fix up the bike some, sold the other bike today, and that was the biggest hurdle to leaving!

Do you have a rough idea of where you are heading, or just going to roam around until the money runs out and figure it out when that happens?
Hey Fey, I am heading to GSRider's place in a couple of days for the pie-day at his house. afterward back to Iowa and going east visiting Wisconsin and Illinois, and slowly heading East over the northerly states until it starts cooling down.
Those are just ideas, in reality it depends if I get the job at GoalZero, a company that also makes travel solar kits, and they have road shows at Costco for which they need presenters. So basically I get to travel and do a show as often as I like. It pays pretty well and I get to tell in advance at which location I wish to work. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Did you just post another report? I'll look. Wondering which was you are heading.
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