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Originally Posted by SoulDreamRider View Post
Hey Fey, I am heading to GSRider's place in a couple of days for the pie-day at his house. afterward back to Iowa and going east visiting Wisconsin and Illinois, and slowly heading East over the northerly states until it starts cooling down.
Those are just ideas, in reality it depends if I get the job at GoalZero, a company that also makes travel solar kits, and they have road shows at Costco for which they need presenters. So basically I get to travel and do a show as often as I like. It pays pretty well and I get to tell in advance at which location I wish to work. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Did you just post another report? I'll look. Wondering which was you are heading.
Nope! I am still grounded in Portland, have been for the last.. oh, since the Hells Canyon rally, though I've done short trips, I haven't been able to really leave and meander as I'd like because I can't leave things here long term, this isn't a "home", so I've had to sort of stay in this area until stuff sold. I'll be doing an update after I get some video footage from an awesome guy that was at the rally. I should really just write everything up so I can spam-post once I get the video instead of waiting.

I am very familiar with Goal Zero, I use one of their solar panels, and they sent me a replacement Guide for free when the first one melted, no questions asked. I use the Guide more often than the solar panel, really, cos I can charge it via AC and then have a power boost when one of my electronics starts to die far away from wall outlet power. The solar panel is nice when I want to spend a day or two camping out and still read e-books, because physical books are huge and hard to carry on a bike. Good stuff, nice people.

Are there any requirements for that job? I like to avoid working for companies whenever possible, and I don't need money yet, but that doesn't sound quite as horrible as other places I've worked.

Not sure where I am heading when I leave here. I will definitely be exploring Washington state a bit more, after that I don't really have concrete plans. I have friends in Maryland and Ohio I'd like to visit, but the idea of crossing the vast expanse of corn between here and there in this dreadful heat doesn't exactly fill me with anticipation, and I have plans to be in California in September. Is the northeast still habitable for motorcyclists in October?
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