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[b]Sahur Full-Moon Off-Road Ride[/b] 3aug2012

Sahur Full-Moon Off-Road Ride

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is approaching its mid-life. The full moon will be out, marking the 14th day. The weather has been good,
apart from the haze coming in from Indonesia.

Its time to do something different.

To get through the full day fasting, Muslims normally wakes up about 1 hour before the first light of dawn creeps into the morning sky.
Then its one whole day of abstinence from food and any form of water. Smoking and all other 'worldly desires' are prohibited during
the same period.

Meaning riding a bike during the fasting period will be particularly taxing.

Hence the need to do more night riding. Which leads us to this ride.

24 bikes turned up that night. Including two Lady Motorraders, Justine on her F650GS and Khai on her G650GS.

Pictures tell the story better;

My ride started earlier. After breaking of fasting that day, I rode to the local Harley dealership
to hang out with my harley friends. Coincidentally they were also doing a Sahur Ride, heading
to Malacca, 170km South by highway.

The Crossbone and the moon.

I 'borrowed' my wife's Baby GS for this ride as it was parked most conveniently in the garage.
Parked silently with Harleys in the background

The Harley Boys

By the time I left HD there was about 20 HDs of arious sizes that turned up.

It was a short 12km ride to our RV point, a gas station just of the man NSH Highway that leads to KLIA, KL's Airport.
By the time I got there Cee Kay and 5 others were already there.

Within the next 10 minutes more arrived. Plenty of Baby GS on this ride.

The Tiger was also present

3 Multis turned up including the one ridden by the DCM President.

Our favorite whipping boy, Lamb, on his MTS2

Waiting for the last two

We were scheduled to leave at 2330.

We rode the Highway for about 18km.

We turned off the highway and found ourselves at the start of the gravel route after 5 minutes riding.

ABS n ASC set.

26km of off-road awaits ahead

Crossing this unused uncompleted bridge.

We descended from the bridge into a small complex of 100houses

After which the road got really dark.

And into a more rugged off-road track

After 30 minutes of riding we stopped here for some photos

I was pleased with the pictures from my Olympus, shot using just moonlight.

After the lengthy stop, enjoying the moonlight, we rode to Banting for some refreshments

From there we rode to Bukit Jugra, to the lighthouse viewpoint.

the Lighthouse

Our sahur was 75km away in KL.

We left for home by 5AM.

The video below tells a better story.
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