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After Elbrus, we headed for the black sea coast. Sochi is actually pretty close to Elbrus, but theres no direct route thru the mountains, so even tho its 200km to sochi, by road, its more like 7-800km.
Its mostly a hot boring ride, but luckily, theres Russian car drivers to keep things interesting.
Iíve noticed the 2 main types of drivers that strive to keep the roads interesting.
There are the big fancy Mercedes drivers, which think the roads were made just for them, and damn anyone who gets in their way.
Then there are the old crappy Lada drivers, who feel like they have to drive as fast as their shitty cars will go, just to show the Mercedes drivers that they can drive fast also.
Toss into the mix is the truck drivers, who either drive at 130kph, or 30 kph, depending on how they feel.
Russian roads can always be interesting!

Oh, and as we are close to Georgia, the cows still wander all over the place

At a gas station, trying to get the last drops out of a tanker truck

I bought a ram mount for my spot tracker, & it decided to break after getting gas. Luckily I was going slow, & caught it. I dunno what happened, the holder just snapped. 2 days later, the ball mount just fell apart also. Iíve never had problems with Ram stuff before, I saved the pieces, maybe they will send me another?

We had stopped at a roadside cafť, and 2 bikes from Ukraine pulled up. One of the guys walked over & said Hi Doug! Seems we have a mutual friend in Khakov.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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