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There was a big traffic backup at some train tracks, & a guy in a big SUV pulled up along side & asked where we were from. We told him, & he seemed impressed, and gave us some bread & sausage. And his card, seems he is head of tourism in Sochi.

The GPS wants to send us an extra 250km to get to the coast, but on the map, I see a shortcut, so we took that. It was a pretty crappy road, but not so bad, until we were going up a mountain, & the road turned to dirt. It was really dusty also, with lots of rocks & trucks crawling up it.
My favorite!

Poly is not to pleased with my shortcut

We met this guy from Austria who was riding a solar powered bike around the black sea

We got to the coast road, & headed south to Sochi. The road itself was ok, but very twisty, & SO much traffic! It took us a few hours to get to the edge of sochi, & we decided to get a room. So we stopped in a town that was FULL of people, many hotels, the beach, etc. Poly went to look for a room while I stayed with the bikes. A guy on a Tenere like Polyís stopped, & I was talking to him, he said it was so crowded because this was the busy season, plus, they were having all the floods near Krasnodar, and many people from there had come here also. The hotels seemed to be all full there, so we were going to go on down the road, but Andrei said we should just come to his house. We werenít having luck with a hotel, so we agreed. He lived about 6km inland, up the valley. I wasnít sure what to expect, if he lived in an old flat, or a small house or what. Not to worry tho, it turned out to be a big fancy place, log house, guest house, swimming pool, etc.
We could have stayed here a few days! : )
He is a house builder, & said this one cost over a million usd to build. Crazy. The neighbors lived in a shack & had a crappy old lada. The contrasts here always amaze me.
We had a nice time with him & his wife, & took off the next morning.

Even early in the morning the traffic was horrible. Why they gave the winter Olympics to a town with only one small windy road to reach it, I donít understand. I think most people will just fly in.

We took a pic at the Sochi sign, then headed back north

We got to Novorossysk right before dark, & I called Kristof, who it turned out, was already in Sevastopol, where we were heading for the big bike party. He called some guys in the Night Wolves MC, who met us & took us to an apartment the club has, & set us up for the night.

I felt at home with this in the living room

The next morning, we headed towards Ukraine
My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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