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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
Yes, I'm in one of "those" moods.

My son worked in a KTM dealer and when I asked him he said "I call bullshit. If it's been a problem that long I would have got at least one with the number we sold, or at least someone would have had a sook about the possibility of it happening".

So there you have it.

Maybe the owners just ride them "real hard core"? Or maybe it's another internet myth? Who knows? Who cares?

Doesn't fix my BMW now...does it?
If it's a myth it's a profitable one for the Black Dog Cycle Works ....

Not that I'm knocking the KTM really, they're great bikes and could be just what you want. I briefly fell in love with a 2007 model once, but after a while I just couldn't take the fueling anymore and eventually couldn't wait to give it back. Unlike the side stand location I have heard they've fixed this now.

My 2008 F800GS hasn't been trouble free ... I had most of the issues ... leaking water pump hose, leaking cam cover gasket, rear wheel bearings, etc .... but I must have had a good dealer because I got everyone of those things fixed for nothing and the updated parts seem to do the job. Since my warranty ran out I don't think I have had any problems at all. Few models of bike are completely trouble free, despite what their owners say ... KLR650 Doohickey, Suzuki DR650 exploding third gear. The most unreliable bike I ever owned was a KLR 600 which had an exploding engine/ gear box and a broken frame among other things.

So, to be fair to BMW, I think they have addressed most of the issues with the F800GS. If you want to ride them hard off road you do need to do something with the suspension, including perhaps an Indy Unlimited top shock bolt kit. I was hoping for the new model to be an F900GS with upgraded suspension, but I guess not. As I now have an adventurised XChallenge (which has kindly donated its fork cartridges to the 800) I might trade my 800 for something more road orientated anyway ... head says Triumph Tiger Explorer, heart says MultiStrada ! (having experienced the power (and the glory!) I can't quite get it out of my head ! )
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