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Originally Posted by Al Tuna View Post

Rob, I see you've learned the art of tweaking the side racks back into place.

Great pics and report guys! I'm jealous.
The cases are Pelican cases and require not tweaking. The racks are SW Motech and probably saved my bike from being totaled. The weak link is the core lock that holds one to the other. Once it fails there is no repairing them. Zip ties were the solution and did a great job as substitute locks. That damned puddle is or was way deeper then it looked. All the wetness all around it and dripping of the leaves is from me disappearing into it. I knew the Green Guy was filming and the worst of the trail was behind us. I always ride around puddles, but I figured this time this one could not be more then a couple inches deep. No ruts going in, no ruts coming out, level trail. I down shifted fanned the clutch, got the front light. What could possibly go wrong? Then the bike fell out from underneath me. I recall a strange weightless felling right before the impact.

Todd the video link did not work for me. Unless you wanted me to see a commercial on hormone free birth control followed by a Godsmack video.

Here's a few more pictures.

In this one you can see that once I defied gravity I flew a fairly long distance before touching down again. The first of the drag marks begin at the end of the splash mark.

Broke my GoPro mount during the crash. It captured a really interesting shot I will try to find.

Total damage, looks to be broken left side mirror, front turn signal and the afore mentioned luggage rack lock.

Lulu, you can help me pick my bike up anytime, or you can stand by and watch. I have gotten pretty good at it. Why do you think it was so easy for me to pick up your?
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