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Nice write up. I've had a tree or two clean me off my bike, being a desert guy I don't like them much.
As for energy food, when I'm going to be prerunning all day I pack 3 or 4 peanut butter and honey sandwiches in my back pack or fanny pack. Plenty of energy in these and they don't have to be kept cool,(ie-wont spoil in the heat). I also use Hammer Gel from Hammernutrition during the race. I keep it in a small sports top plastic flask that is attched to the front of my chest protector in a cell phone holder/pouch. When I come into a pit I just pull it out and take a shot with some water and I'm good to go.It takes less time than putting fuel in the bike. I also eat a banana or 2 about 30 minutes before the start. All good energy food that is easy on the stomach and easy to carry.
"Racing is life to those who excel at it. Everything before or after is just waiting."
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