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Originally Posted by SoulDreamRider View Post
I asked my friend that same question, and October he says is pretty darn cool, and cold at night. That's one of the reasons that I am doing the northern routes around now. Hope to be heading south late September. Part of me wants to witness the changing of the leaves, which I hear is spectacular in October, but I get cold easily, so I'm not sure if I want to be there that late. Guess it depends on whether or not I find a better sleeping bag, mine is supposed to be a -20 bag, but I get cold in it when it's 50! LOL. I think it's just way too big for me, so too much dead air in there that doesn't warm up.
I am a cold sleeper too, it's what's kept me out of my hammock in the winter. I could go get a proper underquilt, of course, but that's even more bulky crap to carry, crap that doesn't serve dual purposes with a tent setup. Blah.

I may just visit those friends next summer, I hate hurrying around, and while I've done the burn across the country over a couple of days, it's not exactly what I would call fun, I'd have to hurry there, and then hurry back to get to southern cali by the end of september. Perhaps I'll bum around the southward states some in October, visit my folks, verde hot springs, maybe visit moab. The NOLA Art House has been on my list for a while, in Louisiana... hmm.

Maybe I'll see you when you head southish?
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