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Wife gives me the ok to go out and purchase another bike. I run down to my local dealer a roll one out of the line up. I had been doing my research for months, wanted to check a couple key things. Spent about 15 mins. looking it over, then roll it up to the salesmans desk. He finally greets me and asks what he can do. I tell him I'm ready to purchase a bike. He then tells me to let him know when I am serious. Ummmm!!
I roll bike back down to where I got it, put it back and left. I guess the other 2 bikes I bought there in the past 12 months didn't qualify me as a serious buyer. "Let me know when your serious" Come on dude!! Your here to encourage sales. Now you just lost one. I held off buying a bike, thought something was just not meant to be. I returned to that dealer about 6 months later, all new emplyees. No wonder.
I did finally get my bike!!! Silly wife was then pissed cause I showed up with it without asking again!! I got permission once, figured that was good for a long time. She saw it different.
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