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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
Having worked in dealerships, I'll give you an analogy: Suppose you walked into a diner with all of the fixin's for breakfast in a sack and asked them to cook your breakfast for you using them. Would you feel put out if they refused?

Like it or not, the shop usually covers the cost of opening the doors each day. It's up to sales to make a profit, and you bought over the internet instead of the dealer.

Now, there are independent places who will mount your tires for a fee. I have one nearby that charges 30 bucks if you bring the wheel to them, and it's cheaper if you buy the tire there.
Let me give you a scenario.

Guy walks into a motorcycle shop asking if the shop will mount tires for him. The shop says, "Sure, but only if you buy them from us, liability concerns. Sorry sir!" Customer, "No problem, I understand." The customer leaves, finds another place willing to take his money, but is not pissed because the first shop treated him with respect.

Later, the guy goes back to the shop for service, supplies or gear. Everyone is happy, and the shop makes money.

See the difference?

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