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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Let me give you a scenario.

Guy walks into a motorcycle shop asking if the shop will mount tires for him. The shop says, "Sure, but only if you buy them from us, liability concerns. Sorry sir!" Customer, "No problem, I understand." The customer leaves, finds another place willing to take his money, but is not pissed because the first shop treated him with respect.

Later, the guy goes back to the shop for service, supplies or gear. Everyone is happy, and the shop makes money.

See the difference?

Yup, but the result is the same. First one might have been having a bad day. Second one essentially said the same thing. There are those who go to a dealership and try on helmets, then buy them online from a discount dealer. Same goes for clothing. I just think it's asking a lot to be able to buy online and then expect a dealer to mount them. I don't do that, having been in the business.
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