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Originally Posted by Sumi View Post
Using my GPSMAP 276c as a voltmeter would give me strange voltages as well..
Anything from 11.9V-14V.. (fluctuating between 12.9-13.4 is the most common readout on my unit while cruising at let's say.. 4500 rpm)

I've been using the bike like this for almost a year now, and there is not a problem with it..

I guess it's only the GPS's voltmeter, that's not that accurate ( I guess it under-measures the correct voltage by a 0.5V minimum).

I wouldn't be scared if the volts stay between ~12.0-~14.5V (when engine is running at any rpm)

just my $0.02:)
I seem to have the same behavior from my voltage on the 276C. I've tested with a "proper" voltmeter and the variations of voltage where still present but not that large. The bike works with no problems, so maybe it is normal?
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