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Endless hours later, it's ready. Maybe not endless but it sounds better. She got the Vario cases, hand guards and the Touratec engine guard. She wanted a black guard to blend in with the bike. Not like my 800's shiny OEM ones. Women. Took her 30 secs to decide to buy it and over half an hour to decide what colour. Women.

The PDI consists mainly of:

-receive the box in inclement weather, unpack and dispose of crate
-pick up all those staples removed earlier unless tire changing is your thing
-install front wheel, windscreen, mirrors, connect battery, farkleize per WO.
-check all fluids, adjust free play in controls, adjust chain (9/10 too tight), deflate tires to spec, check spokes/rims for trueness (shipping damage, stunting), test lights n stuff, check steering head bearing adjustment (1/50 too something) etc. etc.
-hook it to the computer, tell it what day and time it is, check for programming updates or recalls (might have been in storage awhile) and ask it how it's going
-road test and fill tank*
-allow to cool, wipe off greasy mechanics fingerprints and shoe horn it into the showroom where an awaiting crowd gasps
-YMMV depending on your Dealer and his love for you

The bikes usually come with 8 or so kms on them from the factory testing it on a dyno device. The dealer puts on a few more during the road check. Like I said...YMMV.

* The bikes come with a litre or so of some preservative chemical solution that thinks it's gas. Smells very strong and volatile. High octaney even. Best fill the tank lest the new owner runs out on the way home requiring his first roadside assistance experience. "Your bike is not on file sir. Please check the VIN and call again". Oh boy.

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