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Ugh. That took longer than I expected.
Let me just say that Bill Gates is an A-hole.
Mucking Windows.

The map was trapped in the computer. In PC mode. Stupid Delorme.
Man, I’m PC illiterate. But, I’m learnding.
OK - here’s your “real” map.
No, I can’t make it bigger
I’m lucky we got this one without crashing the computer (and by “crashing,” I mean flinging it against the wall).

Hey, we were pretty close with the crayon map! Not bad.

We didn’t have much of a plan for this ride. All we knew was that we wanted good dirt.
And not the same stuff we covered in 2010 (well, not all of it).
Idaho was starting to sound good.
Questor and Idahosam were doing some nice rides, enticing us to come visit.
Hey, there’s a KLIM rally in Rigby. That sounds fun!

(it was! it’s going to take me a while to get to that part, but you can watch the official video here.

The signup deadline for a free tee shirt was June 1. That forced us to get our butts in gear.
Can’t pass up a free shirt!

Once we committed to the rally (july 12-15), we started to think about the route.

We saw the teaser for the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route - hmm. that also had potential.

Ever since he saw it (back in 2007), Matt had this ride report bookmarked - CA to UT. Dirt, desert, and dead cows.
Boney and Luke’s route was going to be the perfect way to get us out to Utah!
Matt was happy to finally do the ride and make use of the tracks.
Thanks Boney and Luke!

So, that was the plan.
Leave from the bay area, take the Boney way to Torrey, do the UTBDR and get to the KLIM rally by July 12th.
There was some extra time in there, but we’d figure out how to fill it, and then we’d wing it after the rally and take the long way home.

I whipped up some cones for the ride...

And we were ready to go.
We left with the Butler map for the UTBDR and a AAA map of Nevada.
That ought to be good enough, right?

We had some company for the first part of the ride - our friend Aaron (a.k.a. cap’n underpants)!

Aaron had gone with us to the Mendo rally and had had a great time.
He was stoked to do more big bike touring and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We actually left the bay area on June 21 and went to visit Matt’s brother and family in Sacramento.
But, we’ll just start from Sac and call that Day 1.

Day 1: 6/22/12
Sacramento, CA to Mina, NV 277 miles

Here’s how you know Matt and I were traveling with someone else -
day 1 started off with a sit-down breakfast at a nice cafe.

Cafe de Coco in Jackson.

I had potatoes and scrambled eggs

Cap’n underpants had a veggie omelet

Breakfast at the cafe was a good call. They had wifi.
Our helmet intercoms were mucking up (already!) and we needed to order some replacement parts and have them sent ahead.
Matt was really happy about it (I don't remember what he had for breakfast and I wasn't about to ask).

It was not an auspicious start, but we finally got on the road around 1pm

There was a little gap in Luke’s tracks, so Matt and Norm connected the dots.
You know how well that usually works out for us...
(“Hmm. I think that’s a road...”)

It turned out to be a little sandy.
Hello! Welcome to Nevada.

maybe a little rocky.

Aaron and his hard bags were not loving it...

The sand got deeper. We were in a mucked up wash with rocks and off camber uphills.
There was much swearing. And sweating.
Did I mention this was Nevada? In June?

Glad to be out of the wash...

It was kind of pretty, though

Cool old farmhouse

a little water crossing

More sand

And rocks

Go, Cap’n underpants!

We were going up to Corey Peak.
It was quite a climb.

Stopped to take a break and check out the view.

In hindsight, we probably should have kept going.
The schoolbus was a huge, heavy beast and now we had no momentum.

Had a nice get-off in that loose stuff.

Mucking schoolbus. This view better be worth it!

The road went on for a while...

What’s that?

Ah. A shack for the ride report.

Here we are!

It was crazy windy up there - absolutely honking...

No wonder - it was over 10,000 feet!

And, now, back down...

We had another get-off here.

That one was mostly my fault.
I was messing with the camera instead of paying attention to the trail.
We hit some loose, sandy stuff and I threw us off balance.
The camera got a face full of sand, but was fine.

Still going down the mountain...

OK, time for gas.
Hawthorne, NV

And then back on the trail.
At least now we had some fast roads...

And could make up some miles.

We stopped in Mina, NV (pronounced “mine-ah”) to top off our gas.

hey - does this look familiar, rider914?

Now, to find a camping spot...

hee, baby cow butt!

Found a great spot on the side of the road.
And not just any road, “Dump Road.”
Doesn’t that sound inviting?

Matt and I set up our tent.
Cap’n underpants went hardcore and just put his sleeping bag on a tarp next to his bike.

It was almost 8pm and we were all pretty beat.
The day had been a long, hot one.
Matt and I had had our 2 get-offs and cap’n underpants had had some hard lessons in riding a loaded 990 in the sand.

At dinner, I apologized to Aaron.
Um. Yeah. Sorry about that.
I think we forgot to tell you that the first day always sucks.
At least no one got lost and there wasn’t any snow (see post#6, summer of stupid)!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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