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Can't confirm this story, but I'd like to think it's true somewhere. Heard it on the radio in the nineties.

Lady takes her Saab into a shop because it's running rough. Leaves it for a few days. They call her & say the car is fixed. She shows up & asks what was wrong. The guy says the GFUB unit was bad & had to be replaced. She asks what that is, & he reaches down beside the desk & pulls an oily part out of a pan. He says that's the unit & asks her if she wants to keep it. She recoils & declines. Then pays her bill & leaves.

His partner, whom witnesses this, asks what the hell is a GFUB unit. Guy responds, nothing. God Forsaken Ugly Broad. Nothing wrong with her car, but she was so ugly, I had to charge her for it.
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