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Originally Posted by too old View Post
Faria and Pedrero must be on some deal? Both arguably better riders than the B team, although the B team is probably not funded on the whole by KTM - but what drives the water carriers year after year, knowing they are playing second fiddle and may never get to play first, or can start without a thought of victory, which as a professional rider has to be a pime thought?

The hope that you won't be needed?
That they may have the chance to come second or third?
Happy to be a team player when the other member of the team wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, or stuck in the mud?
The fact that they will have the 3rd and 4th best bikes in the rally - so far that is?
The money - not understood to be great, but neither are the other basic opportunities?
They have both accepted that they can't beat the aliens anyway?

All of the above
The B team have big sponsorship from Broadlink, a South African networking company, that is a fact.

I think that Faria and Pedrero hope to be the next winners. But as you say that they have been waterboys -or should I say watercarriers - for quite a while now.

Who know how long the aliens will continue? Mr Pendejo has talked about going over to cars but not just yet. I give him one, maybe two more years on bikes. Mr Coma on the other hand seems to really love riding, he still seems really strong, maybe another 3-4 Dakar's in him on a bike?
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