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First Steppe: Mongolia

Well, it looks like we finally got our acts together for a journey through Mongolia. We typically ride dirt bikes or big dual sports around the deserts of Utah but we've done some other journeys as well: Thailand, India, and Bali.

We really like doing minimalist journeys on our dirt bikes that we know everything about and do all the maintenance regularly. However, on our budget, you can't be too picky about your steed when you travel somewhere exotic. In Thailand, I met up with Minxter and we rented a 125cc Honda Dream. Basically, a glorified moped. The reason: it was cheap and all the local folks rode them. Easy to get parts although we only had one flat tire during our 3000 mile journey (two up an that little thing!)

In India, we rented some Royal Enfields because that's what you do when you go to India. After that one (India ride report), I have such a distaste for the Enfields I would never do it again. If I were to go back, I'd rent a smaller Japanese make, like what most of the locals ride. It's true you can find parts for Enfields most anywhere but how many parts do you want to buy on a trip!! OK, enough bashing the poor Enfield.

So now to Mongolia. There seem to be a bunch of really nice dirt bikes available to rent, but, so far they seem very expensive. I'm also concerned about finding parts for a WR way out on the steppe. We've found that you can rent a Chinese built enduro of some sort. I've heard it's what most of the local people ride. We don't have anything lined up yet so we'll spend a couple days in the capital trying to get some bikes and go with what makes the most sense.

Our plan is to take our minimalist approach overseas (well documented HERE). We've got about 3 weeks to travel around the steppe and into the Gobi Desert. Instead of whiskey in the coffee (affectionately called croffee) it looks like it'll be vodka. We've already dubbed it a "Gobi Latte". Seems like the locals eat lots of meat. No problem. A common phrase used before departing on minimalist journeys is "I hope you ate your vegetables 'cause its all meat and whiskey from here boys!" I've heard there's root vegetables to accompany the meat, we'll find out shortly.

So we're winging it for the most part. Got a few paper maps and we're bringing an iphone for a gps. A gps somewhat goes against our minimalist philosophy. We kind of like to wander aimlessly and see what happens. Improvising is our specialty.

We leave Tuesday, August 23rd. We're flying stand-by on buddy passes from Buuuuurt, just our style. There probably won't be much chance to update this report while we're out there but we'll try when we come through more populated places.
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