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Originally Posted by header View Post
What race was this? A district 15 race or are you staying in Illinois (district 17 right?)?

I ask because I entered my first enduro on the 12th this previous weekend and it was up towards your way. I didn't get to race because they only took cash and I only had a debit card (can't remember my pin so ATMs didn't help) and besides selling a steering damper for way less than its worth I couldn't find a way in.

In case anyone is wondering, driving six hours round trip for a race you can't compete in WILL piss you off.

It was the Roselawn, IN Summer Bummer enduro. It was D15\16\17 I believe. Were you there on Sunday or Saturday? I was parked like 2 cars away from registration area on Sunday. I'm really surprised that they turned you away from riding the event. There's a big enough struggle to get people just to go to events, but dang yeah, that sucks.

If it makes you feel better, last year I forgot to bring my helmet to a race. I had the joy of borrowing my friends helmet, that I put on 2 minutes after he finished his race, and it was 1 size too small. Not sure if I'd rather do that again, or drive 6 hour round trip and not race.

On a side note. During the Family Enduro a D23 rider (Ray Cole I believe) Passed away while riding the event. Very sad to hear. I was fortunate enough to pit next to the rider who had driven down from Minnesota with him. I believe his name was Justin. Justin spoke very highly of him, and had many kind words about him. From the sound of things, the local Enduro community lost a great rider, and a great spokesman for the sport. I didn't know him, but he will be greatly missed.

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