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Hello Radianrider,
I have enjoyed reading your thread and viewing your photos. That old Suzuki is awesome. You don't see too many of those on the road these days. Very cool... I'm located here on the west-side of Indy and have been out your direction many times over the last several months. It's a wonder we haven't bumped into each other on our travels as I have been to many of the places you have shown.

I'd say you made the right decision by not going on out to Cataract yesterday. It looked as though that whole area got hit pretty hard by the storms later in the day. My Ol'lady, myself, and a buddy of ours went out to see the falls back in early June and ended up staying much later than we had anticipated. We weren't prepared for any type of night riding but once we got into the area we simply didn't want to ever leave.

And just a heads up, if your not aware of it, it cost us $5 to get two bikes into the area around the falls but, if you haven't ever seen them, it is well worth it. Also, be sure take the road down to the lower falls to check them out. The scenery down in there is absolutely awesome. The old Cataract General Store just south of the falls is a pretty nice stop as well. The old building is neat and they have quite a display of old antiques inside. You can also get a an old fashion coke, (small 7Oz.?) out of their old fashion cooler and a homemade bologna sandwich if you like. They were both pretty good...

I could probably go on forever but I'll just post up one more bit of info. If your heading east on "Cataract Falls Rd" at (231) you can cross on over (231) and continue east on "Cataract Falls Rd." and it will curve to the north turning into "Millgrove Rd.". Once your heading north on "Milllgrove Rd." you can take the first right turn, ( Tower Rd. ), and there is an old iron bridge about .35 miles down. ( 3926'29.12" N 8645'21.81" W )

After leaving the bridge you can then zigzag your way up, & over, to the small town of Quincy or most any of the roads running north/south will lead you back up north running into IN42... Some of the roads out in that area are a bit bumpy in spots but we didn't run into anything too bad...

I look forward to seeing your next installment for the thread and will more than likely be "stealing" some of your locations to go and checkout for myself. I also hope we can cross paths sometime or possibly even take a little ride together. There seems to be quite a few of us around this area that enjoy the same type of riding so maybe sometime in the future we can all hook up for a nice ride together.

Until next time, Ride safe, & Have a great day, Jeff...
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