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Ride Day 4: Nha Trang to Quy Nhon

Another awesome ride today, we travelled up the coast from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon. Highway 1 was a bit lighter in traffic today, but the kamikaze bus drivers are just lurking everywhere ready to take out a rider who isn't concentrating on the job at hand!

Ready To Leave our hotel and say Good Morning Vietnam!

Awesome scenery everywhere!

We had a new tyre fitted to Richards bike in Nha Trang ($40.00) and they came and took the tyre away and replaced it within an hour or so, we had to do some quick brake adjustment along the way as Richard was having trouble stopping. Apart from that the bikes have been behaving themselves ok. Richard and I look at the other guys with envy when we see their nice new machines with suspension that actually works!

Whats with the girly drinks guys?

After arriving in Quy Nhon around 4:00pm, we decided to partake of a few liquid refreshements until about 1:30ish in the morning, this was a big mistake as we had work to do at the NNC Centre for Kids with disabilities. Not good having a hell hangover and working in the high humidity!

The NNC Centre is a not for profit charity organisation run by the lovely Ms Nguyen Nga. Her dedication to helping these kids out is unbelievable and we all felt humbled by it. On arrival at the NNC centre we were greeted with a song from the music students (Richard has sponsored the band for some time now)

Mick, John and Richard set about reparing the roof while I helped Mr Son with some computer work. We all chppied in and bought various things for the school, including tools, new windows and doors, repaired the roof, bought them some web hosting for a couple of years so they can get their website back up and running etc etc. We have also decided when we get to Hanoi we will donate and ship the bikes back to the NNC centre. I am sure they will get some good use out of them.

Please visit their website and help if you can:

I would highly recommend paying a visit to Ms Nga if you are in Quy Nhon and even volunteering some time or money for these kids. They receive very little help from the government and appreciate everything they can get!

My little friend who does the IT work for them is called Mr Son (Mountain for short) We took them out to dinner next door and we all had a great time.

Mick found the cold beers again!

After dinner we decided to get a few cabs and take them all out for some ice cream. I went with Mr Son on his specially modified little trike. (We have a pic somewhere of this on a different camera) I never would have thought I would be riding on the back of this thing with no helmet and my feet on the mudguards through the streets of Quy Nhon at night. Mr Son was absolutely beaming and very chuffed to be taking me for a ride! Hahaha it was great and he has a heart of gold!

View of Quy Nhon beach at sunrise.

We had breakfast with Ms Nga and a few of her friends as they were taking us on a bit of a guided tour to some sights that the tourists don't normally see. The citadel and another temple that the name escapes me at the moment. They also through their home village and we met their familes etc. Very humbling experience to be welcomed so warmly by people with so little.

This tower is over 800 years old and very impressive.

We wished we had more time, but the day was getting on and we had about 200km's to do to make Kon Tum, and it was already midday. 2
We figured about 4-5 hrs to get there based on the road conditions and traffic we had experienced so far. Everyone is in a great frame of mind and loving the ride!

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