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Day 2: 6/23/12
Mina, NV to Cherry Creek Campground, NV 233 miles

I think we were all tired enough to sleep well.
also, Dump Road was surprisingly quiet!
Got a decent start in the morning. Maybe not early (9-ish), but better than yesterday.

Pretty much the same kind of roads as the previous day.

Had sandwiches for lunch at the Landing Spot (Hadley, NV).
Nice, friendly folks there. FYI thereís a bathroom in the attached laundromat.

We were a little concerned about our fuel mileage/range on this trip.
Prior to this ride, the 990 was getting horrible mileage. Really bad - like 23-25 mpg.
So, 2 days before we left Matt used TuneECU to re-map the bike.
He changed the fuel injection map from the Akra map to the 07/08 stock Euro map.

It seemed to have worked - we were getting 36-38 mpg so far - but we didnít trust it.

Matt knew that the next section was going to be pretty long without another gas stop
(canít remember the exact number - 230?)

Just to be safe we filled our tanks, the aux. tank, both MSR bottles,
a 60 oz orange juice bottle (one from home that we had been saving for such an occasion),
and a 1.5 liter Aquafina bottle.


Oh goody. A powerline road. Those are always fun.
This one was no exception.
(note the Molotov cocktail strapped to the duffle)

We drove through Manhattan before getting back on the trail.

Back into the sand

Deep sand

Capín underpants was making sand his favorite!
(you got it, Tn Walrus )

BigWan and I had just done a bunch of 2up sand in Death Valley,
but it was nice to get more practice before we got to Utah.

Next, it was back on the slab for the ghost town of Belmont.

Fire truck for Bob!

Back in the dirt

Stopped to explore this old homestead...

Okay, we have miles to cover...

After so much monotonous desert and the same boring landscape, it was nice to see some greenery.

And pretty horses.

There were lots of gates, but I didnít mind. It was such a beautiful valley.

This furry guy was so cute...

Run Forest, run!
we were going slow, waiting for him to turn off the road. I didnít want the chunky little fella to have a heart attack.
after looking at this close up, maybe SHE was preggers?

This really was an oasis in the desert

More gates surrounded this house. Cute dog in the back of the truck!

As we were leaving the valley, we saw this huge herd...

Matt said, ďthose are bighorn sheep!Ē
What? really?
Yep, he was right!

More bighorn were up on the side of the hill.

A little blurry, but I like this one.

We were really close to the Lunar Crater, but with the gas situation we couldnít afford to get off the trail and go fool around.

Oh well. We had plenty of other cool natural features to gawk at.
Like this.

We stopped for a water break in the crotch.
(Hmm. that sounds wrong )

Here comes Aaron...

Spacemen (take us to your leader!)

This next part reminded us of a mini Mengel pass...

Looking back at Aaron...

Down into the valley...

Aw. Poor cow. It looks like the desert is still taking lives.
This is the same place that Boney and Luke saw dead cows on their ride.

Ticking off some miles.

We had been hoping to camp at elevation, but werenít sure if it was going to work out...
Yay! It was.
We saw the signs for Cherry Creek Campground and headed up.

It was kind of pretty as we went up the mountain, but it was getting dark and the pictures arenít great.
Hereís the campsite we chose.

We thought it was Cherry Creek CG, but the waypoints I found online donít match up with what Norm shows:

Never found the pit toilet, either.
Oh well, it had a table, it was free and there was no one around.

So, you may have noticed that Capín underpants was sporting quite the Ďstache...
Apparently he lost a bet and was forced to grow a handlebar mustache.

He was trying to go as long as he could, but the last couple of days were tough.

The heat, the sweat, the hours in the was making him nuts.

He broke out a bottle of tequila (I totally forgot to take a pic, dang it!)
and we had a tequila mustache cutting party!



Was it a bad idea for Aaron to cut his mustache by the light of a headlamp,
using a tiny pocket mirror and some folding scissors from a leatherman knockoff?



All better.
Now thatís a happy FF!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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