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Here's a close up of the the battery bracket I made. It is just some sheet metal from Lowe's, cut with a band saw, drilled a couple of holes for looks, and bent on a sheet metal brake. Bolted down in the same 3 locations the Airbox is. There is a layer of rubber and insulation put down before the battery. The inner tube bands are probably unnecessary, but they are used to secure everything down into place. Assembly is a little tricky, but once its all in there, it doesn't want to go anywhere.

Sorry, for the blurry pics. I could swear these looked better when I took them last night.

I saw this on another build from the DoTheTon forums. Placing the filter pods on the the ends of the original intake manifolds. I know there has been a lot of previous work done to optimize similar options. Most of it is way above my head. But overall, it should reduce the turbulence of the airflow into the carburetor. I haven't had any serious issues balancing the carbs to the pods, but I also never really got idle to smooth out as nice as it was with the airbox there. Haven't taken it for a serious ride yet, but I did start it up in the garage and the idle seemed to be just a bit smoother than it has been.

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