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jdrocks, been enjoying all your posts and pics. I have been reading as I try and follow your path on Google Earth. What an awesome ride, is there any chance that your GPS saved your route for uploading in order to retrace your path? I am trying to find the best way to do rides like this that can be preprogrammed in my GPS. I am a bit new to this, so I am learning by trial and error, for now I have to stop a lot and zoom in and out on the GPS to see my future route ahead. Once again, great write up and looking forward to more!
i hadn't thought about anyone following along on google earth, but it's very doable, and would be most interesting in hybrid to see the terrain. i purposely named the roads so others could ride it, i didn't intend it to be a secret, after all, some of the roads are Blue Ridge Trail roads.

as a reminder, some of these roads can be in rough shape, be prepared in every sense, there are plenty of ways to get yourself into trouble on these roads. you can find roads that look ok in my photos barely passable in spring, or after heavy rains.

you can find lots of information on GPS tracks/routes in the "Layin' Down Tracks" subsection of ADV, with plenty of areas to explore closer to Florida to get you started. if you get north to the roads described in this report, i can set ya up with a gpx file for this custom route, no problem.
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