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Rode my dirt bike in Idaho a lot

"Tour of Idaho!"

"It should read: OrangeYZ's Triumphant Tour of Idaho! Must be some mistake."

No, it was right in the first place.

From the website
Less than 55 points: Nice ride, what did you decide to call it?
I scored way less than 55 points, so I got this title that covers everything:

Dirt Bike

2007 450EXC, which has a 540 big bore kit from the previous owner.
Wolfman Rolie Luggage with two medium bags for the sides and one small bag on the top. Tent strapped to the small bag. Sleeping bag in the left bag, tools in the right bag, clothes toothbrush and hatchet in the top bag.
Rear fender toolbag, now bolted to the headlight with a saw and rope wedged into it.
And a giant cushy seat that I would not trade for the world. I don't know where it came from, but I love it.

Oh yeah, 6 gallon Acerbis tank, the item that started every conversation anytime anybody saw the bike.


It's the one on the right that looks like, well, not the other two.
The plan was to drive 70 miles to about Crater Lake, where I can start an all dirt route for a long time. Ride to Arco, evaluate at that point if I was up to doing the entire TID (Spoiler: I wasn't.) Ride to the end at Priest Lake, then Coeur d'Alene, then drive home past Hells Canyon.

A lot

My trip meter quit working recently, it will reset to zero when the key is shut off. But the main odometer is still good, so I write my mileage at each fuel stop and I can figure out how close the limit of about 270 miles is. 9825 miles and 430 hours at the beginning, 12170 and 501 at the end. About 2350 miles and 71 hours of riding over this 11 day trip. One oil change near the middle, a few air filter changes, and no problems except one flat tire.
The letter before the number represents the town I filled up at. Chemult, Prineville, John Day, Boise, Ketchum, Challis, North Fork Junction, Lowell and Wallace. I didn't write the times that I only put a gallon or three in to keep the bike light (lightish), so Old Sawmill Station (twice), Priest River and Priest Lake Indian Creek Campground aren't on there.

Day 1:
I was mostly in GTFO of Oregon mode for the first two days, and had ridden most of these roads already, so not many pictures.

An ordinary man with an ordinary bike with an extraordinary tank.

Thought I should take a picture of my backpack for some reason. Mostly just maps, water and TP in here.

Also this is the place I discovered that my water bladder was leaking all over my Idaho map. By putting the water bladder in a spare ziplock bag I was able to buy some time.

Some fires out by the Fort Rock area

Dipped my shirt in the Crooked River to cool off for a bit

View from the ledge near my first night campsite

There is some wire strung between these tripods I saw the beginning of day two.

Not sure if they are old telegraph lines, or for electricity, or if they used to have an electric fence for giraffes.

Dry Soda Lookout. I hung out here for about an hour talking with the lady working there.

Once upon a time, my plan was to ride through the southern part of Oregon to Jordan Valley, and then do the T2 Tour of Idaho route until it intersected with the T1. Then I realized that it was summer in the desert and I threw that idea out the window in favor of staying in the woods and cooler mountains.

Beulah Reservoir back there. My plan of not riding in the desert is going brilliantly. Had to dip my shirt twice in about 30 minutes.

Got on pavement in Harper, OR and stayed on it through Ontario. Found the worst campsite of this trip by parking it in a gravel patch by the side of some farm road. Hot, mosquitoes tried to carry me away, no wind and the humidity was through the roof with all of the canals.

Day 3:
Morning picture of my campsite

Most nights in a tent, I will hear a noise from the floor that sounds like mice running around, but it's actually the wind moving the tent on the grass. Heard the same noise and figured it was the usual. Found this guy and his friends in the morning.

Map pic:

Had breakfast, solved my water bladder problem, bought a pile of maps and headed for the hills.

Should have brought a truck

Boise River at the top of Arrowrock Reservoir

Finally found those cool mountains

I wanted to check out Trinity Mountain lookout, but the road up was closed due to an "Injured or aggressive Grizzly bear" in the area. Since I didn't pack an M1 Garand, I believed the sign and turned around.

Rode around the corner and saw this:

Shook my head a couple of times and took another picture

This is the Trinity Fire northwest of Featherville. One of my plans was to ride through Idaho City and to Featherville from the north. Those roads were all closed, so luckily I went to Boise for the water thing and maps which had me coming to Featherville from the south.

Had two beers at Cindy's Saloon in Featherville, and got a third to go for my camp up at Bird Creek on the way to Baumgarter.

South Fork of the Boise River to cool my feet and wash my face in

Ash on my tent in the morning from the fire

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