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Goal 1 of this trip is to see cool things in Idaho by dirt bike. Goal 2 is research for future trips which will include a truck, dirtier dirt bike and possibly a camper and friends. Baumgarter and maps at Boise are part of goal 2.

I was hoping for cooler weather and this morning I got my wish. Didn't seem that cold when I left camp, but 10 miles down the road I had to dig my jacket out of the tent bag.
My jacket for this trip was the liner from my Fieldsheer street jacket. Stuffing it into my jersey made it the pillow at night.

Rode to Fairfield in the morning of day 4 for breakfast, to locate the elusive Sawtooth USFS map, and to mail all of the MVUMs and a couple of the other new maps home. Sawtooth NF is redoing their map this year, and even the ranger station didn't have the new ones or old ones.

Rode up to Dollarhyde Pass after Fairfield

Dropped into Ketchum for gas. Since my dirty bike doesn't leave a trail of hunnert dollar bills wherever I go, I got the "Not welcome here" vibe. So I bought my gas and found the fastest road out.

To up here

Looking west at the Sun Valley Ski slopes

Getting into some of that Idaho scenery

Speed limit, yeah that'll happen.

The only thing keeping me south of 55mph on this kind of road are the views and stopping every few minutes to take pictures of them

Twin looking mountains

On the way to Antelope Pass, there was a hand written note taped to the road sign that said "Impassable Washout Ahead No Turn Around"
I should have taken a picture of it, but I didn't. And when I got to the washout, it was so insignificant for a dirt bike that I didn't slow down, let alone think to take a picture. I probably would have dropped to 1st gear and driven through in my truck, but I guess it was a bigger deal to somebody.

Mountain Goat on top of Antelope Pass

Whip out the binoculars

The road south to the washout, I hope I make it.

And at the south end, after Bear Creek Pass.

The road East to Arco

The Arco Sub, with the Lost River Motel on the left, and Pickle's Place on the right.

I only took that one picture of Arco, but a lot happened there. Bought oil at Lost River Honda that evening, went back there to change it in the morning. Pickle's Place Atomic Burger really is good. Not sure if it was the best of the best burgers of my trip, but the onion rings put it over the top. Got a great omelet there the next morning too.

Stayed at the motel, something that doesn't happen often with me, but it was well worth it. When the guy said $40 for the night I didn't even have to think about it. Shower, bed, iced beer in the sink, hunting shows on the Versus channel, walking distance to breakfast.

Also in Arco was my decision to head north, rather than go to the start of the Tour of Idaho and do the whole thing. Most factors pushed me to do what I did. I was in this ride for the views and the fun riding. I could barely see Big Southern Butte outside of town with all of the smoke and riding three extra days in mostly hot desert did not sound like fun. With the bike shop in Arco, I didn't need to go to Pocatello to change my oil. I now know that the extra 500+ miles would have put me getting home on Sunday instead of Thursday, and my tires would have been over the edge and halfway to rock bottom. I would have bought new ones in Pocatello I suppose. Arco to Challis is described as the Tour Highlight, and I wanted to do it now.
When I have this many excuses to take the easy road, ignoring them is usually a disaster.
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