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Got up at 6:30 this morning because I wanted to leave early in order to get to Lincoln early. Didn't get to leave as early as* wanted though, but oh well!
I definitely have a reason for backtracking to Lincoln though, namely ADV's annual pie-day at Jeff's house.
The morning was pretty darn cold if you ask me, and I was glad to have inserted the two layers into my riding jacket.
People tell me Iowa is straight and boring, I have no idea what they are talking about! I love the rolling hills in Iowa, and the green and yellow cornfields.
Some of the farm houses along the road are just amazing. Huge and stylish, some even ornamental. I feel I'm being transported through time into the Scarlet O'Hara times.
I guess those folks probably took the freeways, but those small rural highways, that's where it's at! Those are just awesome.
At one point I got stuck behind a work truck, didn't realize there was road work ahead.

Well......... what the heck am I supposed to do if I can't follow you????

I rode into Nebraska around 1 PM. Seeing as I'm not a big fan of cities taking a northerly route above Omaha seemed like a good idea.
I've always loved railroads and trains and couldn't resist taking a pic of this bridge.

Now how do you suppose this guy (assuming it's a guy) got the name of his girlfriend on there?

Got to Jeff's house at 2:30, just in time to help set up the tarp for shade, and make ice-cream! Yay!
Then we came up with our own flavor ice-cream, namely chocolate jalapeņo! Yum!*
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