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So nice to see you guys - it's killing me not to say "Hi" to each and every one of you!!

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whew. hope I didn't miss anyone.

Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
8400 miles and no Booty??????

hey, scottmac!

I got yer booty right here - comin' up at the end of day 3

Day 3: 6/24/12
Cherry Creek CG, NV to Red Creek Reservoir, UT 216 miles

Hit the road about 9am and dropped back into the desert.

It got kinda silty here.
Looking back at our tracks - you can see where Matt and I got all wiggly...

But it wasn’t bad. Not like the silt we’d soon find in Utah...

This part was pretty fast.

Here, too.

We had been trying to get video of Aaron when we came across this little guy...

A baby antelope. With really spindly legs.

We watched for a bit, then rode away slowly. Hopefully Mom was nearby.

So, this was the long section that Matt had been worried about.
These roads went on forever.
Our fuel light came on right about here, much earlier than we had expected.
Aaron thought he had more fuel than we did and, in the past, he had gotten better mileage than us.
But, this section had been sandy and silty and it was only a matter of time before his light came on too.

There was a highway up ahead and we had a decision to make:

1) Keep following the tracks that took us across the desert,
even though they were 5 years old and no one seemed to have used them recently
(not to mention, Boney and Luke had gotten lost during their ride)...

2) Let Norm reroute and see if he could find a faster way to Pioche (the next fuel stop)...

3) get on the highway and hope that we would find a gas stop that was closer than Pioche...

We stopped on the highway and checked the GPS.
A nice couple on a Harley stopped to see if we were okay.
They told us our options for gas - I can’t remember the details, but they weren’t great.
Matt didn’t think we could reach either of the gas stops on the highway,
and Pioche was even further away via pavement.

(useless map just to show Pioche from space)

So, it looked like our best bet was to continue off road.
When we told the Harley couple that we were going to cross the desert and go to Pioche via the dirt,
they looked at us like we were insane.

Which is funny, because when they pulled up wearing tank tops and jeans, I shuddered.
They were just baking in the hot sun and blasting down the highway with no gear!
Now who’s crazy?

We were going to let Norm re-route us, but right away he was telling Matt to turn when there was no turn in sight.
Stupid box!
So, we went back to Luke’s tracks.

They sent us through a gate that hadn’t been opened in a long time.

A very long time.

The two track went on and on...

It’s not often that we’re happy to see pavement.


So, after all that we only took 4.8 gallons. WTF?
We weren’t that low after all?
Still don’t know what happened there, but, I’d rather have the light come on too early rather than too late.

Had lunch at the Silver Cafe. They’ve painted it since 2007!

Another powerline road

Gate duty

Welcome to beautiful downtown Lund, Utah!

heh. I don’t remember what that face was for, but it makes me laugh.

As soon as we got to Parowan, we all had the same thought -
Uh oh. Utah on a Sunday!
are we going to be able to find beer?

The answer was, yes! 3.2%, but it’s beer.

Cap’n underpants was jazzed!

Looks like we were sleeping in the Dixie Forest...

We found one potential spot, but it had bones everywhere and was freaking me out.

Norm was saying that there was a reservoir nearby.
I say we listen to the box!

way to go, Norman

We were at Red Creek Reservoir (a.k.a. Paragonah Reservoir)

Bath time!
Cap’n underpants, sans underpants

(there's the booty you wanted, scottmac!)

Lots of happy campers tonight.

Improvised drying rack

the day’s numbers

After dinner, I was writing in my journal when I saw the guys walking up the beach, carrying something to the camp.
what the...?
They had found an old backseat from a Suburban or something and decided to bring it home.
Really? You want to hang out on some nasty, filthy seat that’s been lying here since who knows when?

I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a brilliant idea...
Movie night!

We put slime (our hackintosh) on the pannier and it was perfect.

Settled in with some snacks, beer and...

Land of the Lost!

It was mucking AWESOME!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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