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Finally on the Tour of Idaho. TID Day 3, my day 5, my TID day 1.

Big Smokey Butte from Arco

Rode partway up the trail to the Natural Arch, then figured out it might be a hiking trail and turned around.

Beverland Pass

I was at a motorcycle store two hours ago, and I knew I forgot something!

One of those Idaho dirt roads. This one leads to Pass Creek

Pass Creek Canyon

Pass Creek Pass

At least it's not going to be hot desert up here

Martin says that Tour Day Three is the highlight of the ride, and that's no lie!

One of the roads to the Massacre Mountain Loop, which is actually named the Swager or Swauger Lakes Trail, depending on which sign or map you read.

I followed ATV trails up the hill, but I may have messed up riding Martin's route, green being the right path and red being what I think I did.

Got me here, so I can't complain.

Copper Lake, and the trail to the previous pictures.

At the top, the trail kind of split, and without putting any thought into it I went left. And got here

Guess I'm on the right trail now.

Doesn't look so tough from down here

The Massacre Mountain loop might be one of the coolest things I've ever seen from a dirt bike.

And all of the things I can think of that could challenge it are also in Idaho. Weird...

Headed north out of the Massacre Mountain area, had a little trouble finding the road but got it eventually.

18 Billion rocks big enough to pinch my tire

Zero rocks big enough to set my bike on.

But I suppose I'll think of something

Good of an opportunity as any to take a picture of my tools for the ADV ride report that I skipped on so many other rides, but had to write up for this one.

Better picture of tools from today

Front and rear tubes, if I had known I would only have one flat, I would have only brought the one tube. But you never know that, and 500 miles from the truck (straight line) it's probably best to be a little more prepared.
6, 8, 10 and 12mm sockets and ratchet drive and extension
Two short tire spoons, pump, patch kits, pressure gauge
KTM wrench that came with the bike, 8, 10, 12 and 13mm wrenches, Swiss Army Allen wrench
The container by the zipties is full of spare screws
Travel size chain lube, and WD40 for the tire changes.
Thing of JB Weld putty. I don't know if this stuff works as well as the regular epoxy stuff, but I do know that it doesn't break open and coat all of my other tools with it.
Quart of oil, Bag with three pre-oiled air filters and a few sets of rubber gloves for changing them.

Didn't bring the tin snips, or the chainsaw blade sharpener. The chainsaw chain might have been handy later, but I didn't have that either.

It is a good thing I brought that front tube, because for the first time in my life I managed to wrap the damn thing around the rimlock when I put it in and got the highest concentration of pinches I have even seen when I tried to inflate it.
New tube fixed everything and I was on my way to Horseheaven Pass.

Got this picture of what I thought was Horseheaven Pass

But I'm pretty sure that this was the real deal

I wish I had taken the side trip to the headwaters of the Pahsimeroi River, but at the time I thought I might manage to stay on the Tour schedule. When I got to Dry Gulch Road I knew that wouldn't happen, but it was too late to go back.

Doublesprings Pass

Scarp at Thousand Springs Valley

One of these might be Mt Borah, but it really blends in with the rest, and when you're standing at 7,000 feet, a 12,000 foot peak doesn't stand out like Hood or Rainier

Found my way up through Arentson Gulch

At this point I was getting hungry, and since Railroad Ridge was something I would want to spend some time at, I decided to take the quick road to Sawmill Station and camp in the neighborhood around there.

Also at this point I missed the Mosquito Gulch challenge point. I've been wanting to do this ride since 2010, thus the 2010 route is what's marked in the Idaho Benchmark Atlas I'd been using to navigate from Arentson to Sawmill. I have the 2012 V1 maps printed out, and the 2012 V2 directions printed, both of which had Mosquito Gulch as the route, and neither of which I was looking at.

At the end, looking a little hammered after a few days of being wedged in my chest protector

Pic of Joe Jump Basin

And the East Fork Salmon River

Got the burger at Old Sawmill Station and it was good! Also bought a Mt Dew, a beer, some candybars and a 3L jug of water.

Camped out at the East Fork Recreation Area where the Salmon and East Fork Salmon Rivers meet.

Next morning (Day 6) I was on the way back south on East Fork Road to the Little Boulder Creek Trail.
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