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Originally Posted by Paulemery View Post
Thanks Paul

The plan for the tires is to change to the TKC80's once in Vancouver and carry a second set on the bike, that will give me a range of around 8-10k miles from Russia, then when I need to change after that it will be a challenge I will have to overcome.

I have briefly looked at the rotopax stuff, and need to look at it in more detail and see how it can hold my requirements in relation to both quantity and connecting to the bike.
i run Kenda K270 (its a 50/50 tire) and i get 10,000 miles out of every rear, no matter what terrain i am on, just about to change the rear and i did approx 3000 off road and 7000 on...the front don't wear so good so i'm going to switch to a Heidneau (sp) i have a friend who got over 16,000 miles from his front

think about that then additional tires aren't required

because of your very limited mileage you may want to check these out if you don't like the idea of rotopax...about the same price as 3 rotopax but almost 5 times the capacity, you just need to figure out a way to attach it when full

...and as for your luggage i personally wouldn't use metal mule, for the same money get Jesse Luggage much better build quality...i am a fabricator by trade and Jesse stuff is top notch, MM is rivited, not enough folds to hold structure incase of a fall, the mount system is good until you have an off then it can become a problem, just my 2 cents
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