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Originally Posted by LuluOfDenver View Post
A dance floor and loud music--it's the only thing RMAR was missing. Drinking and dancing--what could go wrong.

Nice pic. I need to find out more about West Fest from you. Since I live here, I should be hitting that one up too.
Here is what went wrong. Since there was a fire ban in effect, there was no fire to gather around. We gathered around this in stead.

Note this is happening right in front of my tent. Little did I know then but the stage had been set. This was party central fore or not.

Some of the usual suspects getting warmed up.

REmember this face. He returns to the story a little later.

This guy too

There was some shine involved so things get a little foggy after the sun went down. At some point i climbed into my tent. Most of those shown above were also headed off for a night of slumber. All was well and it was getting quiet till the drunks (ah folks) from the dance trailer, got their second wind. I had visited them earlier but by then they had hit a wall and were in that "groggy state of late afternoon had too much to drink I'm sleepy but can't sleep place."
So this group headed up by advtenn start to wind up outside my tent. I shook it off fell asleep anyway. All was well until someone would say something funny and advtenn, I believe, would stomp his foot on the dance floor when he would laugh. Some one pulled out cheese and crackers. Oh god this is going to go on for a little longer. At some point someone outside, AdventrueGirl, I think sees my tent move and says something like "Someone is sleeping in that tent? That's hardcore". Another nap then I hear "we are out of cheese" YES, finally. One of the vampires still awake proclaims "I've got backup cheese". That is when I got up. There could not be back up cheese. Thankfully all it took was just stating no back up cheese. They offered little resistance and most wandered off to bed right then. the rest were not far behind.
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