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Just came back from the garage, Charlie's post scared me a little bit to be honest, but in a good way ... So, the new plates, the ones that you see on the short version of the latest video allow the RB and IMO assembly to be either tucked in, behind the fairing at, let's say 20-30 deg inclination, and they can also be placed at 45 deg for racing. Because the bike will be used for commercial everyday riding It has to be adapted at different positions...

You can see the difference between the two below:

You can see below the adjustments of the Tower (if you look for some time at the picture ) , which I think will suffice to find a good setup at the end . The back up plan is to use a hacksaw to make a cut on the stud bolt (the one which adjusts the angle) in order for it to break if the blow is too heavy. A couple of these will be bolted as subassemblies onto the tower in case of failure...

AntiPaul, many thanks for your support... a little preview of the drawings below

Will be back next week with more progress !
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