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I've got 2. One plated with stock motor and piped, one with a big bore kit. The most common mod is RB Designs for the head and carb and repipe. Makes em tractors. I'm rebuilding the plated one now and it will be RBed! It's a bike you can put away wet and 2 kicks 6 months later it's ready to go. The swing arm bearings are the weak link. Grease em and replace every year as needed. The big bore kit is awesome but I have to run race gas in it though it is sold as a pump gas kit. Love the power but hate paying for the gas. The rear shock is talked about as being good even with weight. Respring to your weight. The big bore has a $800 shortened fancy one. I can't really tell the difference but PO spent a wad on it. The best mod I did was putting a KX500 front end on it. Bolts right up with the front wheel. The stocker is ok with 400 springs but I caught the fork underhand on a deep water rut and 4 bruised ribs and a torn up shoulder I did the deed. Everyone I ride with has orange and I have a Husky 510 but the little KDX is fun. If a ride has long sandy hills I'll grab the Husky but it feels like a pig compared. Both mine are after 96 same as yours. It didn't change. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. BTW I run type F tranny fluid so every ride cost 99 cents to change the oil! The KDX is the cheapest lil woods bike out there.
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