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Originally Posted by scottmac View Post eyes...
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the Booty!

Originally Posted by Bartek990 View Post
So nice to see you back safe to crowded BAy Area.
Thaks for that fuel pomp in Idaho and grate companionship.
Keep RR coming,
Cheers Bartek

hello my friend!
We were just so happy you were able to ride with us.
Lots of good pics of you coming up stay tuned!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Dustyrider!

Nice catch on the busted up cone, Nixels!
I hadn't even noticed that

Originally Posted by Bob View Post
Hey Kelly, wake up I need my morning coffee or trip pics.

Dude! It's saturday!

Actually, I just needed a little break.

Yesterday Matt and Cap'n underpants went for a little ride up to Stonyford.
I stayed home so Matt could do some standing up and enjoy the bike again.
They had a good time, until the end.
On the way home, they were riding through a section with blind corners and almost got taken out by a pickup!
Not even going too fast, just bad timing.

Luckily, neither of them is hurt but it was close for Cap'n underpants.
Aaron had to eject and got clear, but his 990 got nailed by the truck.
After a little work to get the bike in rideable condition, they were able to limp home.

They stopped to rest at a gas station and Aaron said, "Hey, it's really good to be riding with you again, matt."

But, yeah.
After all the thousands of miles we just did (with all the blind corners, dangerous places and questionable speeds).
We're feeling pretty lucky.
This is an incredibly stupid hobby. Especially the way we do it.

But even if you're cautious, it's risky.
I'm kind of scared for everyone on ADV...
Be careful out there!

And now that I've totally killed your buzz...

Day 4: 6/25/12
Red Creek Res., UT to Torrey, UT 185 miles

Movie Night: The Aftermath...

Poor Aaron.
Apparently, the Suburban seat was not as comfy for sleeping as it was for sitting.

He brought a tent, just didn’t want to set it up.
I'm not sure what the reason was.
Me, I enjoy a tent. Keeps the bugs off.

We had a lovely breakfast of coffee and oatmeal, lounging on the Suburban seat.
Forgot to take a pic, but it was really nice.
The Reservoir was beautiful this morning

I was being stupid and tried to put on my contacts while standing over the bike seat.
I do it all the time and usually have no problems,
but today I was busy talking to cap’n underpants and I dropped one.
Right there.
In that pile of stuff on the the grass.


Luckily, Matt found it.
I got a big scolding for that one.
Yeah, it would have sucked to have been half blind for the rest of the trip.
And my optometrist recently passed away, too.
I have no idea where to get my new eyeballs.

Cap’n underpants wanted to take another dip in the reservoir,
so matt and I rode along the beach, over to the far side of lake.
What a hugely bad idea.
Got bogged down in some thick, smelly mud and then had to ride up a hiking trail to get out.

Well, that was a crap way to start the morning. let’s get out of here.

Monkey fighter!

BigWan and I had a get-off in this freshly graded sh..stuff.
It was super soft and we were going too slow
(matt was checking the mirrors to see if aaron made the turn)

No biggie, but the camera got a face full of dirt and grit. again.
This is getting old.
You might have noticed that we were running a Heidenau K60 instead of our usual D908 rally raid or Scorpion Rally rear.

I really hate that tire. It kept trying to kill us.
Matt says I’m not supposed to be hating on anything so early in the report, so we’ll get back to that later...

a little while up the road, we ran into the source of all the torn up roads.
This guy.

At least it’s pretty in the Dixie Forest.

And when they aren’t freshly graded, the roads are pretty nice.
This was road 410.

Can you see Cap’n underpants?
he’s that little dot in the middle...

It was nice to have some dirt and rocks instead of sand and gravel.

Cap’n underpants again...

Mmmm. Forest-y.


We really enjoyed this ride.

A little sandy here, but still fun.

Here comes Cap’n underpants!

Uh oh.
That side bag is trying to make a run for it!

Get that sucker back on there.

At least it wasn’t hurt. The starboard side is pretty good.
Look at the port side bag...

Too many rock massages.

We stopped in Panguitch for gas

This guy was a real character. Gary.
He charged us a dollar for this photo.
It wasn’t worth it.

Haha, just kidding.
Gary was nice enough and wanted to give us some tips about the area.
When Matt told him where we were going next (following the tracks),
He said, “nah, you don’t want to go there. I do ATV tours so I know all the roads.
You want to take Hwy 12. It’s the best scenery. ”

But, that’s pavement.

Anyway. Gary was very insistent that we listen to him.
Aaron wanted to see some sights (and not just desert), so he was game.
Hwy 12 would go through Bryce and Grand Staircase - Escalante,
and Gary said that we could do Hell’s Backbone, which is dirt.


I hope we don't regret ditching perfectly good tracks for a guy in an Arby's hat...

here’s a map I stole from the internets.
Hell’s Backbone is #11

Apparently, Scenic Byway 12 is quite famous.
if you go to the website and download the route guide, you can read all about it.


At least it's starting to look like Utah!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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