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Suzuki S40 / Savage - Ryca Scrambler Conversion

Howdy folks. Time for another project...

Ryca announced a scrambler kit some time back and I put a deposit down a few months back. The kit's not ready yet, (due late summer or fall '12) so I wouldn't hope for quick progress with this thread, but I'm gonna try to do what I can early.

Here's the donor that I picked up today:

$1,500 got me an '05 with 5k on the clock. Some minor road rash, couple of missing pieces, but started, accelerated, rode straight, handled ok, stopped well, and was advertised for a nice price, so how could I say no? The motor is pretty cool and lots of fun - big, wide gears, and lots of torque. I didn't want the kit to come out then go looking desperately for a donor and end up overpaying.

Anyway - here's the goal.

More info HERE.

Once I get into it, and the before the kit is available, I'll probably wonder if I even need the kit.

Well, between some upcoming vacation time, the kit no being out, and my KLRE project (see sig), this may be slow going, but these threads keep me going, so thanks for stopping by.

Comments, questions, encouragement, or ridicule are always welcome.
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