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Me in Winchester, VA looking for a rear Anakee or MT90 for my 650GS on the way up from TN. Not a single dealer had one, or even a DS tire in my size in stock. One dealer suggested going "across the street" to the Harley shop. I roll over, ask the service department whether they had any DS tires in my size in stock. Answer is "yes". Great, my bike is the red BMW outside. Dealer: sorry, we cannot mount a tire on anything other than HD and Buell. Me: really? I can take the wheel off in your parking lot and bring you the rim. Dealer: Sorry, our insurance won't allow it. Me: But, I have a thousand more miles to get home and my rear tire is bold. Dealer: Well, good luck to you.

Wife and I walk to a local dealership to buy some parts. While there, I look over a used Monster Dark, and mentioned I always like that bike. A month later, we have a 10 year anniversary, and wife wants to surprise me with the Monster. She calls the dealer, ask whether he could deliver it on our anniversary day (January), and he says yes. She then says she wants to use her credit card because she does not me to know about the purchase (surprise and all). he tells her he does not make enough money on a used bike to accept a credit card on a $3k bike. Really????? Anyway, I never did get the Monster because when she told me about it, I refused to even consider getting it there.

I go for an oil change at a Suzuki/Honda dealer with my BMW. (was in a hurry somewhere, did not have the filter at home). When i get my bike back, I notice two of the fairing screws (Torx, stainless) are missing. I ask the service guy about it and he says they were missing when I pulled in. Really? I walk back to the tech area and ask a guy I know about missing screws. He goes back to check with the guy who worked on my bike, and when he comes back, he says that the screws were missing when I arrived, but that I'm in luck because the tech had some spare ones in his toolbox. Funny, I Loctite just about everything on a bike, and the "spare" screws the tech guy had had some left over dried Loctite on them. Who in a Suzuki/Honda shop would have spare stainless Torx BMW screws in their toolbox?
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