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Originally Posted by TINK View Post

I bought the jack used locally off craigslist. It is very similar to the HF unit, they are all about the same, likely all built in the same factory in China. Check craigslist, a lot of guys buy them and then use them very little if at all, then sell them on craigslist.

I got a great deal on my paint, $750 for the 4 pieces. Painter had to spend a lot of time preping the BMW OEM fiberglass front fender and side he would never paint one again for that price. Gas tank had a minor dent that had to be filled and sanded too. You'll just have to search around your area, ask locals where they had their bike painted, ask the local motorcycle shops who does their painting. Finding a good reliable painter is a real PIA, I got lucky when Mike showed up at the local vintage bike meet looking to drum up some business.

I couldn't tell you if a `92 headlamp would work. Perhaps others on this forum could, post photos when you ask.

Good pointer about CL, thanx!

I looked today, I'll have to drill my headlight shell it seems.

Looks like a Bomb tag there?
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