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Prior to heading west and knowing advtenn was going to branch off and need some alone time with advtenn wife, I put out a post or two looking for someone riding to RMAR from WestFest. I corresponded with Roland and Bumknee (Scott). Ran into them both at WestFest. They, advtenn, and I rode back to Salida together for lunch and to the cowboy fortress and back to WestFest. Riding styles were a match.

Sunday morning when everyone was packed we packed our gear and discussed where we would go to that day. Rolland had a plan and some track loaded into his GPS that were suppose to be fantastic. Only problem was he wanted to camp about 5 miles away from where we were. Scott, who had paid for his cabin another night stated, he would just come back to the ranch and stay there. Not wanting to set my tent up 5 miles from where I just had it set up, asked if there was more then one bed in his room. Bottom line, we all came back for one more night after riding some really cool, high bermed atv trails. We did not even make it to the end of the driveway, before we vectored off onto a trail and out into the national forest. Sorry no pictures. The group and I separated in Jefferson, I think. They were headed to Breakenridge and right into a very dark sky and a place I had already been to three times in the last few weeks. I headed south to Buena Vista or Salida to see if I could source a lock core to repair my luggage. We would meet back at the Ranch and site of WestFest.

My view from the front porch where I slept very well in lieu of the snoring room.

Next day we rode over towards Buena Vista riding some of the same trails from the day before. We were trying to connect the other half of the loop we abandoned the day before due to rain. It was excellent riding a little less fun because we were on fully loaded large adventure bikes. I knew of a NFS campground or two up Chalk near Mt. Princeton.

Rolland who had been riding with this as his rear tire, decided it was time to change. I think he got tired of airing it up twice a day.

It helps if you install this before you try to burn out two compressors.

That night we endured the scariest electrical storm I have ever been in. The Camp, NFS Cascade was full so were the lower two camps. We were forced to camp higher up near St Elmo at NFS IronCity. We were greeted by out host and immediately warned about the bear who had been visiting the camp, Great. Roland changed the tire shown in the above pictures and then we all headed down the hill to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs where we had dinner and soaked up the heat of the spring. The women weren't bad either. At least we were clean and well fed. Thought it was very considerate of us to do this so as not to upset the bears delicate stomach. Gathered some fire wood lit a white mans fire, used gas, multiple times, that the Cherokee of NC could have spotted. (for some reason there was not a fire band.) Probably because it rains 3" a night there. at least while we were there. (don't worry no children, animals or pine beetles where harmed in the making of this fire). Then right on cue the rain started. We retreated to Scott's motorcycle condominium. Really. We hung out in what was supposed to be the garage, waited for the rain to stop then returned with the fire persuader and got it going again. Enjoyed the fire for another 15 minutes before the lightning. All off to our tents to lay on our backs and feel the ground shake with every strike. It felt like it was hitting the fire pit it was so close.
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