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After a bit of map study and seeing some signs, I decided that the Bighorn Crags, Yellowjacket Mountains and Tincup Mine might be worth checking out in the morning. With more than enough fuel to get to Northfork and all the time in the world it should have been an easy trip, and I was far enough North of the Halstead fire that the views should be good.

Got up to the last ridge road to the Bighorn Crags and it looked like I hadn't gotten away from the smoke after all

Weird looking smoke, but whatever, I guess I'll head back.

I made it about a mile back to the four-way intersection when the sky started coming apart. That was no smoke, it was a thunderstorm! The wind was blowing gravel clouds around, giant pine trees bending over, lightning striking all around me and rain mixed with hail coming down.

I set a land speed record getting off of that mountain to this old cabin on the main road and hung out for about 30 minutes waiting for the lightning to calm down.

Most of the thunder was coming from the North

One order of blue skies, on the way

Panther Creek Road


This must have blown down in that storm, and this guy had most of it sawed through when I got there. I helped him with the rest to make a big enough spot to get his truck through.

Salmon River I believe, could have still been on Panther Creek.

The Mustang Fire had Horse Creek Road closed. Martin says there's a route around without hitting the highway, but I couldn't tell if the trails I saw on the map were motorcycle or hiking only, so I hit the highway.

Hwy 93 North to Conner Cutoff Road and the Nez Perce Road. I should have gone around Painted Rocks Reservoir, but I was excited about the Magruder Road.

Nez Perce Pass, where I saw the sweet trail I could have ridden if I had taken the Painted Rocks route.

I went up to the Hell's Half Acre Lookout, talked to the guy running it for about two hours, and somehow didn't take a single picture of the road, lookout, view or anything until Observation Point 20 miles later.


Fire Weed

And my camp a few miles from the West end on the Magruder Road

1500 miles on the rear

About 2600 on the front

At this time I thought I only had 500 miles left, and figured "Well, they'll be smoked but I'll live."

Begin Day 8 with an ATV trail

And some bushes

Bottom of the hill before hitting some dirt roads back to the top of the hill

Not sure why Martin routed the TID off of Divide Trail and back up to it later on, rather than just staying on it the whole time.

Back on the Divide Trail




Wooden trail to a view

Having a hard time getting these tower pictures vertical, but trust me, the hills were steep but not that steep

Regular Trail

Must be in the right place

Bridge over the Selway River

I didn't do the East Boyd Trail, because it was Saturday and the place was full of hikers and horses. And I was getting hungry enough that either of those would have been tempting.
Made it to Lowell for burger, gas and water.

And then things started to go wrong.
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