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Originally Posted by Richarddaroadie View Post
There is someone parting out a KDX 220 in the flea market that has a Baja designs kit with a tight looking rear fender and led tail that cleans everything up. It's been on there for awhile so just dig down. I have both types of aftermarket tanks but don't know the range. Does help but not mind blowing. Would still recommend getting one if you ride with 4 strokes. I carry a little bit of oil just in case but you can run them with straight gas in a pinch and not kill them. Just for emergency. There is a method to riding on the street with these that I heard but again forgot. I think you roll of the throttle periodically to get some oil to the rings. For tight woods check the RB mods. Makes them feels like a 4 stroke, meaning getting torque down in the low rpms and staying off the pipe. I stay in 2nd on tech stuff with no bogging. There is lots of info on as well. It is the other site for kdx heads. Good luck!
I'll check that out on the Flea Market, thanks! Def gotta keep up with the 4 strokes. So far as I'm aware, none of the riders I'm likely to be with locally have a two-stroke or less than about 100 mile range. The PO said he was having good results just bringing a quart of two-stroke oil and letting it mix in the tank when racing hare scrambles.
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