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Hi Gary, nice to see you!

Hey iDave! what's up?
yay, zombie dick!
heh, I love that movie.

Day 4: 6/25/12 continued
Red Creek Res., UT to Torrey, UT 185 miles

Where were we? oh yeah,
Red Canyon

I thought these tunnels were in Bryce, but the route guide says they’re actually in Red Canyon.

Time for lunch.
Gary recommended Fosters, he said it’s one of the only places around that doesn’t rip off tourists.

It was good! I had the veggie stir fry, but totally forgot to take pics.
Aaron was reading the menu and said, “Girl Squatter?! what kind of beer is that?”

Who wants a Girl Squatter? Aaron does!

OK, back on the slab

Yes, it was scenic.

just not as exciting as we were used to.

You see a lot more bikes when you’re on the pavement

Guess we’re in Grand Staircase - Escalante

Cap’n underpants was pretty happy, he had really been looking forward to seeing Utah.

With a name like “Hell’s Backbone,” we thought this road might be kinda interesting.

It wasn’t.
Wide, flat, washboardy gravel.

with a side of pretty.

The bridge was cool, though.
It was built in the 30s to connect Boulder, UT to Escalante, UT.

We were looking down over the Box-Death Hollow Wilderness.

It’s hard to capture the depth of the canyon. The GoPro does it best.

It was a nice place for some photos

and a water break

Cap’n underpants wanted to visit the Anasazi Museum,
but BigWan and I were in a hurry to get to Bicknell.
We were waiting for parts for our stupid headsets.
At this point, I could hear Matt, but he couldn't hear me.
It was really pissing him off.

We left Aaron at the museum and headed to Bicknell.
It was almost 4pm and we knew the post office would be closing soon.
The more we talked about it (i.e., the more Matt ranted and couldn't hear my responses),
the more anxious we got.
We really wanted those parts ASAP.

Google says that drive should take 57 minutes, but we got there in under 35.

So, after risking life and limb (and missing some beautiful overlooks)
we got to Bicknell only to find that the mucking post office had closed at 2:30pm.

Son of a flipping biscuit!

Also, there had been a time change somewhere and we were 1 hour behind.
There was no way in hell we could have gotten there in time.

We sat at the Bicknell gas station for a couple hours, waiting for Aaron.
He really enjoyed the museum and the ride out to Bicknell.
When we met up again, we agreed that we should spend the night in Torrey.

Stopped at The Nielsen Grist Mill on the way back (well, stopped at the sign at least)
You can read about it here.
Apparently, it’s the site of a geocache, too (see link).
Thank you, internets!

The motel in Torrey was full,
But we got a couple cabins at the Torrey Trading Post and that was even better.

They were nice. 35 bucks for a furnished cabin (with bedding and a tv)
Nice clean showers/toilets just across the courtyard.
It was so extravagant, after camping. Showers!!

We had some takeout burritos and beer from the market across the street and called it a night.

Tomorrow - Capitol Reef and Cathedral Valley
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