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We're definitely doing things a bit different from our normal style. You see, we have a female on the journey with us. This is by no means a bad thing and in many ways a good thing. She will keep me and Buuurt in check so we don't do anything too stupid. *But we're not quite as minimal as we normally would be. *For instance, we're taking a tent. This is unacceptable when it's the boys only. The ultimate light weight shelter is Ambian. *If it starts to rain when your sleeping in the dirt you just deploy the light weight shelter and sleep through it. Wrapping up in a blue tarp is a legitimate minimalist shelter. Using a rain fly from a tent is a borderline acceptable practice*but ONLY WITHOUT THE TENT.

So, we have three items that are frowned upon in the world of minimalists; a tent, a stove and an iPhone.

Meanwhile, two days til departure and we're packing one of the most key pieces of equipment for a minimalist: the Voile strap.
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