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The New World I.19 – The Tall One

Wow! I am so glad you are following. I imagined that for you guys, a trip here is just a trip in your "backyard" so nothing too special. But let me just tell you that we are amazed by these places. Incredible.

So let's go on...

What’s the big deal with this mountain? Well it is the tallest in America. North America that is. Hmm and they say it is very hard to spot it’s peak as most of the time it is surrounded by clouds. For example in 2012 a guide told us that there were only 6 clear days when you could see it. Hmmm I am thinking this might be just a “marketing” tactic coming from all the tour operators. If you see the mountain then you feel very special, and if you don’t (of course there are also som cloudy days) then at least you console yourself with the idea that it is very very hard to see it.
When we start from Fairbanks the sun shining and the sky is clear. Surely, 150 miles South it will be the same. Or not. As we approach the Moutain Range things get gray.
Hmm, maybe all the story with the Denali weather is not mambo-jambo. And as indifferent as I might want to look, I know inside that I would be very sorry to come all the way from Romania to here and not see Denali. Not even the monsters we see on the road do not cheer us up.
Of course there is a national park around the Mountain. And you could spend there days doing all the activities they have prepared for you. For the right time and money. Or at lest you could take the bus tour and see the animals. Unfortunately we do not have the time to do that. Also sitting for 6-8 hours in a bus is not that appealing. Why do that when you could ride for 6-8 hours?
We press on but we see that the situation on the sky remains gloomy
But as we haven’t stopped in Denali Park we have time for goofing around. Can you spot Gunnar in this picture?We reach the Southern observation point. Very nice place, for viewing the mountain. if the weather permits. But in our case…
It was kind of funny as where we were it was nice and sunny. But still over the Denali a big cloud.
We wait around for about an hour, changing impressions with some Chinese tourists which just got of from a bus, everybody hopping for the same thing. Which it did not happen. Feeling also out of place there and under-dressed, we decide to leave. We did see part of the mountain but not the peak. And we settled for that.
That night we were supposed to reach Talkeetna, which is a very small and VERY touristy town. Luckly for us, we didn’t had to play tourist as we had a host waiting for us. He was very nice and relaxed. Living outsite the town in the woods, he showed us around. At some point he said I can take you to a place from where you could see Denali. Really, you can still see it from here, even if we are 150 miles away from it? OK, let’s go. Probably it will still be in the clouds like 2 hours ago but we might as well see the view. And we go. And then, we see this. we see IT!
Wow! We are speechless. For minutes we just stare silently. We are more than 150 miles away but still we get this view. I do not think any photo could do it justice. More than 20 000 feet tall, Denali, “The High One” is indeed impressive. Tallest mountain in North America. More than 1000 people try to climb it each year. About half of them summit it. But figures are not so important. The view is spectacular.
This place should be on the list of “Places to see in your lifetime”. Bogus or not, we are happy that the story with “not so many days of clear weather” worked out for us in the end. We spend there a good deal of time just gazing to the horizon. This mountain pushes you to dream high.
I’ll let our Nikon to finish the story. It will do it much better that I would. So here it is…
Voi lasa Nikon-ul nostru sa incheie aceasta poveste. O face cu siguranta mult mai bine decat as putea sa o fac eu.
I wish you high dreams! And then go fulfill them!
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